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Furs on TV – Another World (1987-89)

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Like ships passing in the night, SoapNet's programming schedule and my best days of capping were not destined to meet up at the appropriate time. Those early days permeated with 80's nighttime soaps did help hone my skills. Unfortunately, they weren't what they are today.

This doesn't mean I don't have an extensive back catalog from that time. Since it will probably never be updated, I'll throw some out from time to time. The Paper Dolls gallery was one such example. Here is “another” one: Another World.

Another World – The Show

Between about 2003 and 2007, SoapNet showed Another World. Only a fraction, unfortunately. They decided to start showing episodes starting from 1987. That granted a decent couple of years before the combination of a waning fashion cycle propelled by a changing cultural zeitgeist would make the 1990's a barren wasteland of televised fur fashion from which we still have not entirely recovered.

Another World ran from 1964 to 1999; I'd have preferred SoapNet pick out something around 1975 to 1990, but I have to accept what I get, and it wasn't bad, as the caps will prove. Like anything that lasted upwards of 30 years, the details are long and complex, so I'll skip trying to fill in the plot and get to what we're here for.

Another World – The Furs

These are in roughly chronological order in the episodes' sequence. I can't place a fur to an episode name or number at this point. I grabbed good shots from only about 17 episodes, a very tiny fraction compared to shows like Dynasty. Again, the fact that any of these beauties showed up on television so close to the '90s was blessing enough.

Starting here with the recognizable member of the cast, a very young Anne Heche wearing a perfect example of a “mega fox,” this one crystal flavor. Youthful Miss Heche wears it very well.

Moving to another great stroller on actress Joanna Going. The sleeves of the stroller are exceptionally full here.

80's hair and 80's fox on this lady. I think her hair manages to be fuller than the fox fur coat, which is actually quite an accomplishment.

Linda Dano, “Felicia,” wearing a giant power fox, golden isle flavor. If Another World was showing furs like this so late in the game, I indeed wonder what amazing ones I missed through the '80s.

Wide shot lacks a little detail due to the low data rates I worked with back then, unfortunately, but this one deserves a second look to show the sheer size of the full-length fox beauty.

Joanna Going wearing a shorter-haired or marten. Though I usually pass on “documenting” the less full furs, the brighter colors of one like this can make it worthy of notice.

Anne returns in another mega fox, this one blue. She looks equally at home in this as the previous .

Nice close-up of Anne Heche in the power fur.

Not sure who this blond is, though she is appropriately outfitted in the kind of oversized fox coat that reminds me why I miss the 80's.

Carmen Duncan playing Iris in a -trimmed blush mink jacket.

Joanna Going is back for a Christmas episode in this big white fox wrap. Christmas was always a giving time of season back then.

Linda Dano in an exciting and rather tall fur pillbox hat. Should have “accessorized” with a giant white fox coat, but time was growing short for fur at all on Another World at this point.

All wasn't completely gone, though, as a series mainstay Victoria Wyndham appears in another full-length power fox.

Joanna Going wasn't on the show for more than a few years and racked up an impressive score, appearing here in a full silver fox stroller coat.

And with Miss Wyndham in this set, which is pretty much where Another World‘s wardrobe department basically gave up against the unrelenting tide of the 90s. Granted, this was a fantastic pair to go out on.

In all, this set just keeps my fingers crossed for what will probably be inevitable, some kind of 80s soap nostalgia network. I think SoapNet claimed to be working on something like that. It would be a bit of a double-edged sword if it ever appeared, as it may generate more “work” than I'm prepared for. But that would be one of those “good problems to have.”

If nothing else, this set will win you an argument if your friend says, “No way Anne Heche wore enormous fox fur coats!”

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