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Noticed this list while doing research for posts.  Surprised me to find it, actually, and more surprised to find it reasonably well stocked.  The primary thing to note is the “rating” is not of the quality of furs in the film, but the overall rating.  Took a moment to dawn on me, but the fact that The Mad Miss Manton wasn't at the top was a big clue.

Miss Manton is on the list, though, as are other good choices, like Forever Lulu and Blond Cheat. It appears the rationale behind applying the tag isn't necessarily confined to furs being a plot point in the film, a la Forever Lulu and Butterfield 8.  Otherwise Miss Manton and others wouldn't be on the list.

Definitely a few I haven't seen on that list.  Take care in using it, though, as I checked out RocknRolla on its recommendation was quite disappointed in the results.

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