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Furs in Film – Why Did I Get Married (2007)

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Film subjects of this blog have tended towards a few specific periods. It is not my fault fashion does not stand still, and that doesn't mean there aren't promising signs as we slog through a nearly 20-year drought in fine on-screen fur fashions. We have Tyler Perry to thank for this modest little reminder, which is nicely winter-themed as well to go along with the holiday season. So enjoy this barely 2-year-old entry on Why Did I Get Married; it's probably not going to happen all that often.

Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married? [Blu-ray]

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Why Did I Get Married – The Film

Why Did I Get Married is based on a play by Tyler Perry. The setting is a luxury retreat cabin in Colorado. The film is about four married couples and the problems they're currently experiencing. You know what that means… talk of divorce. Yes, something in common with films from the '30s with fine fur fashions. Granted, this one probably has a bit more nuance to the character relations than a '30s divorce comedy. Or maybe not, as I'm probably not the person who should be grading “nuance.”

Why Did I Get Married – The Furs

The film is notable for two reasons, primarily the fact the furs are there at all, but also because they're just run-of-the-mill cold weather fashions for the affluent women wearing them. So it's no big deal that the ladies are adorned in fox, , and as they go through their marital strife.

We have Denise Boutte in this jacket to get the ball rolling. Won't do anyone any good to bother comparing 2000's fox coats with 1930's fox coats, so I won't. We are pleased to be seeing this “modest” little jacket at all.

Greeting Denise and “friend” are the other wives at the retreat, led by Tasha Smith in the film's “signature” full-length coat, and Sharon Leal appears in a full-length mink beside her.

We have the film's brief shot of both fox coats on screen at once.

Tasha Smith is the only one to get more than one coat in the film, appearing in an oddly mismatched combination of furs. The full-length mink is relatively conservative compared to the silver fox.

Due to the character she plays, it's challenging to find a close-up of Tasha Smith's character when she's not possessed of some disdainful or exasperated look on her face, at least while she's wearing that lovely silver fox.

The ladies go shopping later in the film, and while it's apparent it's not precisely a furrier, there are furs in the racks. Here we see Janet Jackson in the sable wrap she wears along with Sharon Leal in her mink once more.

Janet is still better known for her other career, but she looks very fetching in the sable, accented by a red scarf.

Here is one more shot with all the furs on-screen: Tasha in fox, Janet in sable, and Sharon in mink.

The stats for this film fall into what is probably pretty “average” for fur fashions in many films, so it certainly can't be called a “fur film” for its on-screen ratio. It's a film from 2007 with a full-length silver fox coat, so that alone is pretty notable.

Fur Runtime: approx 8 minutes
Film Runtime: 113 minutes
On-Screen Fur Ratio: 7%

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