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Furs on Film – Times Square Lady (1935)

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If you were paying attention to the last update, this one shouldn't be a surprise. Or maybe it should be since I actually “found the time” to do it. We return to the warm, thick fox blanket that is the 1930s with Times Square Lady, a 1935 film starring Virginia Bruce.


Times Square Lady (1935)

Genre: Drama
Format: NTSC

Times Square Lady – The Film

Time Square Lady is the story of Toni Bradley (Virginia Bruce), a 22-year-old woman from Iowa, future home of James T. Kirk, who inherits some “business interests” from her father. Turns out very few of them are “on the level,” and some of the older interests in said businesses, headed by the executor of her father's estate, Mr. Fielding, want her out. On her side, eventual love interest and the manager of her nightclub, Steve Gordon (Robert Taylor). Will Toni and Steve defeat the gangsters and live happily ever after? Of course, they will; this is a film from 1935.

Times Square Lady – The Furs

Lucky for us, Toni wasn't precisely poor before she took over dad's businesses. From the moment we meet her to the end of the film, she's got quite a number of furs in her wardrobe, including one of the finest examples of a ever committed to the screen.

The film opens with Mr. Fielding looking for Toni at the station. He tries two different women, both in furs, before he finds her.

Strike two…

The third time is a charm as Mr. Fielding finds Toni, in the best fur of the bunch, of course, a lush collar.

The film's costumers must have thought Virginia Bruce looked great in lynx, and I won't argue with that.

Fortunately, she looks even better in silver fox. Particularly in this lovely example of an enormous silver fox muff, one of the best I can remember.

This sequence shows her meeting the other interests in her father's businesses. It provides a good 3 minutes of footage of the muff and matching silver fox .

It includes a couple of very lovely close-ups of Virginia Bruce neatly framed with the silver fox collar.

Still, the star of the sequence is the silver fox muff, and it receives all the attention it deserves.

At this point, the remainder of the film is a bit of a downward slope. Still, Virginia appears once again in lynx with this trimmed jacket for a moment. A fine addition to the wardrobe.

I'll grandfather this in for the sake of being exceptionally complete: a full-length fur that may be .

We get a tiny taste of more fox at the very end. Toni and Steve are whisked off by steamer to the credits, standing on the deck and waving goodbye with these ladies and their fox collars.

Toni is wearing another fur at this point. This collar may also be mink and is very much is included for purely academic purposes.

A well-stocked film from both the quality and the time perspectives. The oversized silver fox muff is the real highlight, and I'm on the fence about whether it eclipses the white fox muff from Lady of Burlesque. While slightly smaller and lacking tails, it undoubtedly isn't marred by some annoying giant silver bird broach. Virginia Bruce's other lynx furs were fine supporting players. The “brown paper bag” furs I could take or leave, of course. The film also has a few “bit” furs, more so than was common even in this era. Clocking in with a good 15% ratio makes Times Square Lady one of the best I've reviewed in some time.

Fur Runtime: approx 10 minutes
Film Runtime: 68 minutes
On-Screen Fur Ratio: 15%

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