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Furs on Film – Snapshot (1979)

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How bout an Ozploitation flick? This one is fun for a few reasons. It’s one of the first I’ve posted with a unique combination of multiple release titles and a severed pig’s head. TCM showed it as Snapshot, as that was the name it was released under in its country of origin, Australia. It can also be found under the title One More Minute and as The Day After Halloween, The Day Before Halloween, or The Night After Halloween, in a transparent attempt to capitalize on the recent success of Carpenter’s Halloween (1978) in the United States.

Updated March, 2022 with caps from an HD source.



Snapshot aka The Day After Halloween [Blu-ray/DVD Combo]

Genre: Mystery & Suspense
Format: NTSC, Subtitled, Surround Sound, Widescreen

Snapshot – The Film

Sigrid Thornton stars as Angela, a hairdresser who becomes friends with Madeline, an actress played by Chantal Contouri. Madeline convinces Angela to drop the hairdresser gig and become a model. On a shoot for a cologne ad, we get to see both of Angela’s talents (this one is rated R, kids). Angela becomes the next big thing in Australian modeling, but she has some baggage with an ex-boyfriend who follows her around in an ice cream truck and may or may not be trying to kill her. The ex isn’t the only suspect, and it wouldn’t be a “thriller” if he were. Madeline ends up liking Angela… a lot (a lot, a lot), further mixing things up. Madeline comes to the rescue of her straight-girl-crush in the end.

Snapshot – The Furs

Chantal Contouri as the actress/model who propels Angela into what passes for the film’s plot, also wears all the fur in the film. Not only that but at least half the time she’s wearing those furs, she’s smoking as well. This blog does not endorse smoking, unless you look like Chantal Contouri, then it looks really cool.

Madeline and Angela meet at a hair salon. Madeline enters in this so very 70’s horizontally striped .


Red fox was particularly popular in the ’70s, it seems. Not my favorite natural shade (I prefer far more unnatural dyed shades of red), but Madeline has a couple in her fur wardrobe.


Just before Angela and her chest meet the celluloid at the shoot, Madeline gives her a little pep talk, like the concerned, supportive friend she is. This is her other major fur in the film, a coyote stroller made of some shorter haired pelts. Gives it a bit of a unique look which is nice.


Here we are at the club, a location that will become quite familiar. The club scenes are a perfect illustration of why I take the time to edit clips in the first place, as otherwise, they’d be unbearable. It’s here we find Madeline in her other red fox coat, in a long sequence that’s interrupted routinely by a horrible cabaret singer.


Smoking in her furs, Madeline watches Angela dancing in the club with some gentlemen she clearly believes are not worthy of her. The remainder of the sequence may be less-than-favorably be referred to as “filler,” but this is undoubtedly my favorite kind.


After minutes of casual, detached smoking, Madeline intervenes when it appears Angela’s new male friend is getting a little too handsy. She delivers a swift lesson on consent, concisely illustrated with a shot to the nuts.


Exiting the club, we see this is a full-length red fox coat, unlike the one from earlier in the film.


Later, we find ourselves back at the club and me thanking the nearest convenient entity that Premiere Pro added scene detection. Madeline finds Angela again, striding through the collected patrons in a long white coat with a perched high in her right hand. I like where Madeline is going with her fashion choices.


The we get nice shots reaction shots of Madeline smoking with her cigarette holder in the white mink, though the fur is on screen for the least amount of time of all.


If you were hoping to get a better view of the ‘pep-talk’ fur from earlier, here it is. This walk and talk provides an excellent chance to take in the shorter haired coyote fur stroller. The shortness of the pelts makes it seem a little more like fox, but the color is all coyote.


Brief closeup of Chantal Contouri’s character framed with the oversized collar.


Back at the club, with Madeline smoking in the same , and getting a little tipsy. She invites Angela to stay with her because Angie needs a place to say. Her self sacrifice knows no bounds.


Madeline’s drunken reveal and peck on the lips of her straight-girl-crush went about as well as you could expect. After suffering heartbreak, she exits. We see Madeline’s coyote one last time when Angie visits Madeline on the set, finding her smoking once more. Seriously, even I have to say you should probably cut back a bit Maddy.


Yet another little obscure fur fashion gem that TCM aired, along the lines of Darktown Strutters. Granted, I doubt they were airing it because of the furs. Great examples of 70’s furs in this, and yes, I admit Madeline’s bad habit is one I enjoy viewing, from a distance, at least. Since there are still no 70’s or 80’s nostalgia channels yet, I can’t pass up the opportunity to post these when I find them. The ratio is pretty good for a ’70s flick, and the quality is superb.

Fur Runtime: approx 9 minutes
Film Runtime: 92 minutes
On-Screen Fur Ratio: 10%

Find-A-Fur: Snapshot, 1979

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