Garbo in Fur

Greta Garbo by Ruth Harriet Louise

Wish it was easier to find shots of Garbo in fur (that I like). This is close. It’s not fox, lynx, or chinchilla, but it’s got some body to it. Garbo combined with any fur is magic, though, so it will do.

Your bonus for another week my distraction levels remain high:

This is from dovima_is_devine_II‘s photostream, a very large (and ill-tagged) set of photos from a combination of sources, including a lot of vintage fashion mags. It’s not all fur, but there’s a lot of nice stuff in there.

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  1. The Green Fairy Avatar

    It is also worth looking at ‘Skorver1’, ‘Myvintagevogue’ and ‘Alicejapan’ on Flickr; pictures in a similar vein to Dovima is devine.

  2. The Green Fairy Avatar

    Referring to a post on Anna May Wong; she wore silver fox in a film called ‘ELLERY QUEEN’S PENTHOUSE MYSTERY’

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