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Furs on Film – Juliet of the Spirits (1965)

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I have recently learned there are films not made in English-speaking countries, and some of those films have furs in them. I suspect this is just a sneaky way to further complicate my quixotic efforts to see all the good stuff and post about it. I suspect if you take this opening paragraph seriously, you’re not familiar with the vast amounts of sarcasm I use in my posts. Let’s take a trip to Italy and look at Juliet of the Spirits.


Juliet of the Spirits

Genre: Comedy
Format: Import, DVD+Blu-ray

Juliet of the Spirits – The Film

The film, released originally as Giulietta degli spiriti, is directed by Federico Fellini. It is the tale of Juliet and the weird visions she has that lead her to leave her philandering hubby. Part of this journey includes meeting her neighbor, Susy. We’re here because of Susy. You want more info on the movie, IMDb awaits.

Juliet of the Spirits – The Furs

This fur stole appears briefly in one of the visions before the “main event.” I’m firmly in favor of furriers finishing their job and snipping off all the dangly bits from the pelts before going to work. This is only on-screen for a few seconds. Great fox hat, though.

We can forgive this minor fashion faux pas because up next is, to say the least, the best fur-trimmed dress you’ll probably ever see. Sandra Milo, as “Susy,” wears this for over four minutes of combined screen time.

You’re not seeing much of it, as Juliet’s neighbor Susy is shot with frustrating obscurity throughout most of the sequence. When she’s in the frame, people and objects routinely pass in front of the camera, and there is a lot of shadows. I’m sure this is all very significant if I knew anything about cinematography.

In fact, telling you you’re seeing a dress with an enormous white fox trim is a bit of a spoiler, as that fact is most clearly revealed at the very end.

Still, the sheer enormity means the closeups of Sandra Milo wearing the fur are always lovely.

A wider shot of Susy ascending some ornate stairs gives you a better idea of what you’re looking at. Susy needs an electrician to come by and check the wiring on her houselights.

Here at the end of the sequence, she is shot full-frame, and the size of the white fox trim on the dress is clearly visible. Drop a bigger bulb in that weird-ass lamp, Susy.

Hey, let’s turn on captions and see what’s on Susy’s mind!

Sigh. C’mon, Susy, cut me a break here.

So, that’s Juliet of the Spirits. The enormous white fox-trimmed dress gets a lovely 4 minutes of screen time, though, as stated, it’s not precisely clear all the way through. It’s definitely an incredible four minutes of your time.

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