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Furs on Film – Covergirl (1984)

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The sheer amount of media produced means a lot of it is unremarkable, like the 1984 film Covergirl. It’s not very good, it’s not very bad, and it’s about as ‘80s as it can be. This is why there’s a pivotal scene in a fur fashion show and a robot. We won’t be talking about the robot.


Covergirl [Blu-ray]

Genre: Drama
Format: NTSC, Anamorphic

Covergirl – The Film

The film is about a rich dude who wants to bang a model. And control her career, etc. There’s nothing unique or exciting about the plot. The rich dude is played by Jeff Conway, who is between brief moments of fame with Grease and Babylon 5. Way between. Irena Ferris plays the titular Covergirl. I thought she looked vaguely familiar because she did a lot of guest roles in the ‘80s. Suffice to say; this was not her big break.

Covergirl – The Furs

Up and coming model Kit Paget (Irena Ferris) works a fur fashion event. T.C. Sloane (Jeff Conway) is in the audience, having stalked her there pursued her career after their charming meet-cute. She appears first in a full-length fur coat.

Most of the furs in this sequence are well filmed, and Miss Ferris looks beautiful in them.

The scene shows Sloane basically buying all the furs Kit wears. Very strange if you ask me. What could a grown man possibly want with a bunch of huge, soft, expensive fur coats?

The guy running the shows picks up what Sloane is putting down and orders Kit to wear all the furs. This causes some friction in the back with other models.

Next is a full-length fur coat.

Slone also buys it, adding to the big pile of fur coats he will have just lying around the house.

There’s another backroom scene where we get more drama from the other models. Interestingly, Kit is shown putting on a fur coat. Don’t get too attached to that one, though.

After a cutaway to some boardroom stuff I fast-forwarded through, we return to the climax of the show. Like many climaxes, it is big and white. While it is only briefly shown in full-frame, we can see Kit is wearing a full-length fur coat with a matching fur hat, stole, and muff.

There are some beautiful closeups of Irena Ferris in this outfit, farmed top and bottom with white fox fur.

A view from the back more clearly defines the stole.

One more closeup for good luck.

In a very quick scene later in the film, another fur does appear as Slone ‘romances’ Kit in a pavilion under some fireworks. She’s wearing a fur of indeterminate size, as this is literally the only shot of it. For some strange reason, Mr. Slone is really into groping the collar of her blue fox coat.

That last bit is like 10 seconds long, so it’s not precisely buffing the runtime. The fashion show delivers about 2 minutes of fur on screen, and it is short, but there are worse ways to spend 2 minutes. There’s also a feather trim nightie near the end before the big final fashion show. Sadly, the big final show had no fur in it. Way to waste your big ending, Covergirl.

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