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Furs on Film – Madame Claude (2021)

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Yes, I know about Madame Claude. This popped into the suggestion box multiple times, along with some brave soul who may have thought they were making a funny by suggesting Cruella. Well, jokes on them. I mean, there is a site search; check it out before you spam me.

Madame Claude 2021 – The Movie

Unlike our last entry, which was not the subject of a remake, this is a remake of a 1977 film, also known as The French Woman. Not only is it a remake, but it is also based on a true story. So you can scratch your true-crime podcast itch and get some decent fur coats at the same time. The story follows Claude's (Karole Rocher) enterprise over a few decades, where she and her upscale prostitution ring worked for the rich and powerful. Let's face facts, it's still the hookers-wear-fur trope, but they're super classy hookers.

Madame Claude 2021 – The Furs

Yes, I know, it's not fur, but I'm including it anyway. We start off with the member of Team Claude that will feature heavily in the film: Garance Marillier as Sidonie entertaining a client in a feather jacket. 

We move next to a hectic scene where Madame Claude needs to get the place in order because Brando's not-quite-yet fat ass is dropping by. She gets the ladies in shape while wearing a coat with possibly black fox sleeves. Brando picks Sidonie, of course.

Sidone's fur stroller makes its first on-screen appearance later after one of her clients has to be cleaned up by a team of fixers. 

Our view into Madame Claude's management “style” is a central theme of the film, and comforting nervous Virginie (Liah O'Prey) before sending her off on a, uh, sleepover… is part of the territory. So is Virginie's .

The Madame does her fair share of fur wearing in the film. Her fur of choice is this full-length coyote coat, and we will be seeing more of it later.

Sidonie becomes the right-hand chick to Ma Claude and gets her own fox gift scene during girls' night at the brothel. It's not quite Hustlers, but once again reminds us of happier times when getting a fur coat was a pretty big deal.

Sidonie is appreciative and wears her new coat for the rest of the party, and that's just proper fur coat gift etiquette.

The “big scene” occurs later in the film, where Claude and Sidone have to beat feet with the cash… for some reason. I've been pretty clear I don't actually watch these movies, right? Sidone has her white fox-trimmed coyote back.

It's coyote club! MC brings her full-length coyote coat to the getaway as well. 

There's one nice “nervous closeup” of Claude's fur in this sequence. The whole thing lasts about one-and-half minutes, and it's not the most incredible two-furs-on-screen-at-the-same-time sequence in cinema history. In 2021? Sure, probably clears that low bar.

So that's Madame Claude (2021). I know you're wondering how it stacks up to the 1977 version. Uh, pretty good, actually. I've seen it, but I only have a postage-stamp quality video. The 1977 film 100% features coyote fur coats, which I'm assuming someone in this film's costuming department knew and decided to affect the “homage.” Amusingly, many of these events took place in the 60s, before these coats were particularly fashionable. It's not quite the fur fashion timeline mess of Hustlers, but they still feel a little out of place. The original film wasn't meant to be historical, it took place in the '70s, which explains the larger furs. This one has more work to do on that front.

Fur Runtime: approx 6.3 minutes
Film Runtime: 112 minutes
On-Screen Fur Ratio: 5.7%

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