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Furs on Film – The Infiltrator (2016)

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This is the last ‘80s period piece I have queued up at the moment, which means entries that start with “2” in the year of release will be far less common. Tip of the big fur hat to all the costume designers who demand authenticity in their historical films,  but I just wish the 1980s were not quite so historical… In any case, let's talk about The Infiltrator.

The Infiltrator – The Film

There's really not much to say about the movie. Like American Hustle, it's a dramatization of historical events in the ‘80s, in this case, the drug war. Fortunately, this part of the war is on the international finance level, so we can have Diane Kruger wearing an excellent selection of fur coats.

The Infiltrator – The Fur

Diane Kruger plays Kathy Ertz and does all the fur wearing in the film. First, we have a very ‘80s stroller with some exciting styling.

Frustratingly this sequence does not afford any magnificent shots of the coat but lots of wide angles and groups.

I like the belt and the styling on the sleeves; they suitably accentuate the fur's thickness.

Moving along, we have this stroller. This is the film's marquee fur, as it shows up in multiple scenes.

We get a better variety of shots of the lynx. Oh, and do you enjoy lights pointed at the frame? Because if that's your thing, this is your movie. There are backlighting and lens flares all over the place.

In a brief flirtation with something akin to natural lighting, Kathy and the team strategize. She's wearing a jacket with a collar, but the body of the coat is something else. It is shorter and has a different texture than the collar, but the coloration is the same.

The lynx returns for more scenes. Here the blown-out lighting makes it look like belly lynx briefly.

Finally, the world shifts to yellow for this final sequence, where we get the best look at the lynx in the entire film.


There is a brief moment where we can enjoy Diane Kruger along on-screen in fur, alone, something the movie is frustratingly stingy with.

All of this fur shows up in a single 30-ish minute block beginning shortly past the 1-hour mark. So your exposure to retina-damaging lighting can be minimized. The furs in the movie are fabulous, but I wish they were filmed better and longer. Too many group shots and not enough attention paid to Diane Kruger looking lovely in fur on screen alone. Still, it's a movie from 2016 with a great blue fox coat, so that's probably worth the price of admission alone.

Fur Runtime: approx 3:13 minutes
Film Runtime: 127 minutes
On-Screen Fur Ratio: 2.5%

Find-a-Fur: The Infiltrator, 2016

(all times are approximate)

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