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Gallery Update – Night Shift

FurGlamor - Featured Image - Night Shift

Bet you didn’t think the key film in the ’80s-hookers-wear-fur film cannon was directed by Ron Howard? It’s true; before his family-friendly directorial days, he took a brief detour through R-Rated comedy with Night Shift. We’ve got a couple of big sitcom stars looking to make movie careers and a large pile of fur coats worn by Shelley Long and her merry band of prostitutes.

The marquee fur is interesting. The fox coat appears sheared in the body in a way that visually enhances the collar and sleeves. It reminds me of those tuxedo-style furs that combine fox trim and sleeves with a mink body. It may be a different fur, but the color matches so precisely that it’s difficult to imagine it’s not just the same pelt sheared.

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