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Furs on Film – A Stranger Is Watching (1982)

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It's October, time for the usual spooky theme month stuff. So, scary movies with fur in them. I've already posted a few, but there are a few more. Honestly, with the notable exception of Gallio, horror is not a great place to find fur fashion. It was not entirely absent, though, as we're about to find out, because A Stranger Is Watching.

A Stranger Is Watching – The Film

This mostly forgotten little flick is by the director of Friday the 13th. It was his follow-up, in fact. It's also notable to at least one other group of people on the internet, and I'm not talking about the ones who actually read this blog. It stars Kate Mulgrew in a very pre-Star Trek leading role. So, if you happened to have ever entertained the thought of Captain Janeway in an oversized fox coat, well, you are in luck. Oh, and the movie is about a serial killer (Rip Torn) trapping people under Grand Central Station.

A Stranger Is Watching – The Fur

Very successful reporter Sharon Martin (Mulgrew) walks in like she owns the place in a full-length fox coat. I believe the color is “,” but that is just a guess.

This is one of two sequences in which Sharon wears the coat. Here she meets up with her current boyfriend, Steve, to discuss ethics in serial-killer-execution journalism. The fur isn't exactly subtle, as any good fur should be, but it is paired with a scarf you can see from space.

Naturally, talking about his dead wife puts them in the mood; this is an ‘80s movie, after all.

Later, Sharon returns home, looking for Steve's kid.

She spends a minute or so walking around looking for the girl while wearing her big fox coat.

Sharon is immediately kidnapped after taking the full-length fox off. Let that be a lesson; never take your full-length fox coat off.

That's it. Between the two scenes, the fur is on screen for about three-and-a-half minutes, so this one does not go the distance but is relatively short but indeed sweet. It is a great coat, and the bonus for all the Voyager fans is undeniable. It almost makes the 4% mark, which means it still has a ton more fur fashion content than Cruella.

Fur Runtime: approx 3.5 minutes

Film Runtime: 92 minutes

On-Screen Fur Ratio: 3.8%

Find-a-Fur: A Stranger Is Watching, 1982

(all times are approximate and are affected by the cut of the film)

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