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Furs on Film – I, Tonya (2017)

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A movie from 2017? It must be a period piece. This one was rammed through the ole suggestion form quite a few times, so someone is going to enjoy this. When I say it features , I’m sure some… ears… will prick up. Sadly, you’ll need to temper those expectations. I, Tonya has a decent , but Margot isn’t wearing it.

I, Tonya – The Film

Another uncomfortable trip down the “I was old enough to remember this” lane. I, Tonya is a biopic of Tonya Harding, who gained modest fame as a figure skater, then significant infamy as part of a plot to take out her rival before the 1994 Winter Olympics. The film covers her youth and early career through the attack on Nancy Kerrigan, the fallout, and where she ended up. So, you know, a biopic. 

I, Tonya – The Fur

I want Margo Robbie in fur! Best I can do is a shitty rabbit jacket.

So yeah, this is your Margot Robbie-in-fur scene. It is pretty long, and you get a nice set of views of the jacket.

This will probably surprise some of my very few readers below the age of 40, but this kind of rabbit was sold for around 100 bucks in Kmart back in the ‘80s. Since those people are also wondering what a Kmart is, it was Walmart before Walmart, and there were thousands of them.

The skating community perceived Tonya as white trash. In the ‘80s, this jacket was prime white trash. One of the reasons it does little for me, I consider it an example of the anthesis of the site’s other word: glamor.

We move on to the much better fur in the movie. The one that Margot does not wear. This -trimmed fur coat is worn by an early coach, Diane Rawlinson (Julianne Nicholson).

It is seen on the sidelines in a couple of Tonya’s earlier skating performances, one great.

One is not so great.

Tonya argues with Diane after a bad performance. Tonya handles it like a mature adult, throwing an ice skate at Diane after firing her. There is less of this coat in the film, and it’s not in a long scene. 

Is this a cinematic fur fashion great? Not even for 2017. The rabbit jacket is only slightly better than my archnemesis: church mink. I assume the thirst for this results mainly from the younger generation’s inability to enjoy anything not created within a few years of their existence. I find this appalling and self-defeating. It’s bad enough there’s a general refusal to consider anything in black-and-white, but now it seems this extends to media from the ‘70s and ‘80s. 

Good luck picking up the scraps after 1990, kids, because that’s all you’ll get. 

Fur Runtime: approx 4 minutes
Film Runtime: 119 minutes
On-Screen Fur Ratio: 3.4%

Find-a-Fur: I, Tonya, 2017

(all times are approximate and are affected by the cut of the film)

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