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Furs on Film – Rabid (1977)

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Well, I'm not waiting for next Halloween, so let's do this. This is the second film from noted horror director David Cronenberg. Unlike many horror films I've reviewed, this one has the distinction of being: “mid,” as the youths say these days. So, let's get Rabid with our devotion to late ‘70s zombie pandemic horror. 

Rabid – The Film

Rabid is the tale of biker babe Rose (Marilyn Chambers), who becomes one with the pavement after an accident with her boyfriend in the countryside of Canada. She is hurried to a nearby hospital and undergoes lengthy reconstructive surgery. Said surgery is “radical and new,” which is about all the explanations you get for what happens next.

Rabid – The Fur

Rose doesn't get to wear fur until about an hour into the film. She arrives at her friend Mindy's Montreal apartment and borrows a fur stroller. Rose wears it intermittently for the rest of the movie.

Stop one is an adult theatre where she uses her recently grown armpit doggie dong “stinger” to feed on a horny patron.

Yes, you read that correctly. The short version is “radical, new reconstructive surgery” = “blood-sucking armpit dick.”

Later she visits a mall where she witnesses a zombie attack. You see, victims of “blood-sucking armpit dick” turn “rabid” and attack other people, spreading a disease. While Rose is floating around Montreal, the zombie apocalypse is gearing up around her.

Rose isn't too appreciative of the loaner coat and drains Mindy (Susan Roman).

Rose is a little resistant to the idea she's responsible for the unfolding apocalypse, which doesn't exactly reflect well on her deductive reasoning ability. She decides to infect a rando and see if he turns.

As the final act plays out, she chills under the raccoon coat and explains to her boyfriend/guy who had the accident in the first place and has been chasing her throughout the film, her plan.

Spoiler alert: it does not go well. So, let's get this out of the way. The raccoon fur stroller is symbolic. Raccoons are most commonly associated with rabies, and the zombie disease in the film is referred to as a kind of rabies. This is conjecture on my part, but I'm feeling pretty good about it.

As for the actual number, Rabid weighs in at about 8%, which is solid. Marilyn Chambers is undoubtedly a fine pair of shoulders from which to hang a . In fact, you'll find her acting CV has several fur fashion moments in it. Considering the budget of many of these, I'd hazard guessing we're looking at a Morgan Fairchild's lynx situation. 

Fur Runtime: approx 7.5 minutes
Film Runtime: 91 minutes
On-Screen Fur Ratio: 8%

Find-a-Fur: Rabid, 1977

(all times are approximate and are affected by the cut of the film)

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