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Furs on Film – The Stud (1978)

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Today we learn that there are sequels that are better than the original. Unfortunately, it's because we're talking about the original. The Stud was the first of what might have been a trilogy, but, despite the success of the sequel (The Bitch), a third film was never made. Thus Forever Lulu remains the top 1980s film for fur fashion.

The Stud – The Film

If you watched The Bitch and all you can think of is how Fontaine Khaled (Joan Collins) ended up single and in debt, well, this is the film you were not waiting for. Fontaine is married to a rich businessman of Arab descent, so if you were wondering if you should be concerned about the name, then relax; it's through marriage and not some old ‘70s casual racism. Oh, wait, he's played a German guy, so we're back to that casual racism. 

Anyway, Fontaine litterally fucks around and finds out. That's it; that's the plot.

The Stud – The Furs

Unlike the far better-populated sequel, fur fashion appears in three scenes in this film. One has proven somewhat “memorable” to those who have seen it, and it's the limo scene… but not this limo scene.

Yet again, we find the apparently irresistible pairing of black fur and darkness. You'll be forgiven if you find it hard to pick out the Fontaine is wearing.

Now, “that” limo scene. Exhibit A: Joan Collins as Fontaine Khaled wearing a sleeveless, hooded .

Exhibit I Don't Give A Shit, the titular “stud.”

The executive summary of this scene reads, “Fontaine horny.“

The lump of processed cheese sitting beside her evidently takes some convincing.

Fontaine can be pretty convincing. Kudos for style continuity between the two films, as Fontaine's prediction for seduction in sleeveless fox coats, continued in The Bitch.

Now, when a mommy and a daddy and a silver fox fur coat love each other very much…

Things dry up again until near the very end. Amusingly, fur is a part of both critical plot elements, and this hooded creme-colored accompanies the “finding out” part.

Fontaine finds out she's divorced because the tape she's holding is evidence of her fucking around. Ah, the cinematic poetry.

She takes it well.

The Stud delivers about four and half minutes of fur, which is relatively meager compared to The Bitch. But, should, for some reason, the thought of seeing Joan Collins in her prime seductively open a silver fox fur coat to reveal skimpy lingerie underneath, there may be something in here for your particular tastes.

  • Fur Runtime: approx 04:26
  • Film Runtime: 95 minutes
  • On-Screen Fur Ratio: 4.67%

Find-a-Fur: The Stud, 1978

(all times are approximate and are affected by the cut of the film)

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