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Furs on Film – The Crime Is Mine (2023)

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“Low-quality source month” has become “I knew I put up the suggestion box for a reason” month as some kind soul stuffed the ballot box with something useful.  So, let's look at Mon crime, or, for those not speaking French (like me), The Crime Is Mine.

The Crime Is Mine – The Film

Madeleine Verdier (Nadia Tereszkiewicz) is an actress who suddenly finds herself accused of murdering a famous film producer. Lucky for her, her “roommate” is a lawyer who spends much of the movie exchanging very “roommate-y” glances with Madeleine. Madeleine's court case catapults her to fame and her wardrobe to fortune.

The Crime Is Mine – The Furs

Madeleine is still struggling during her trial, so this rather conservative sheared collar is all she can muster. Fortunately, better days are ahead for our protagonist.

Your viewing patience is rewarded as, about an hour into the film, things really pick up. Madeleine's star is rising, and her wardrobe is with it. First up, a fox-trimmed cape worn as she hands out autographs to her new fans.

Enter plot complication and additional fur fashion fan Odette (Isabell Huppert). She visits the roomies wearing this outfit, trimmed with fur. I find it odd, but the cuffs and the collar are not part of the same piece, as Odette removes the cuffs but retains the collar for a moment.

So, Odette does eat up a lot of runtime with a feather collar, which I would not have considered in the old days of this blog. Still, some may appreciate it, so it is part of the total.

Fortunately, the feathers get some fox stole support, as Madeleine and her roomie Pauline (Rebecca Marder). The is a classic from the 1930s, and it appears Pauline is wearing a bit of a more modern take with a or raccoon stole.

Finally, we make it to the marquee piece, a coat trimmed with . While it certainly is impressive by modern standards, my primary quibble is that it is not quite true to the ‘30s, where the whole thing would have been fox.

Pauline drops in, unfortunately, after Madeleine has removed her white fox to round out the film in another, different dyed fox stole.

This is a pretty great find. It very nearly dings the 20% club, though I'm glad the math did not work out because I have to admit, there's a pretty big chunk of ‘feather-only' in there. Still, if you're looking to watch the last half hour of a movie, this is a really great last half hour to choose from. 

  • Fur + Feather Runtime: approx 16:24 minutes
  • Film Runtime: 84 minutes
  • On-Screen Ratio: 19.52%

Find-a-Fur: The Crime Is Mine, 2023

(All times are approximate and are affected by the cut of the film.)

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