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Furs on Film – I’m Shy, But I’ll Heal (1978)

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“There was never a theme” month concludes with a bit of vintage ‘70s comedy from France. I'm Shy, But I'll Heal (original French title: Je suis timide mais je me soigne). The film is a standard throwback to the days when “lovable loser gets the girl” is a common theme, instead of “sex pest stalks an innocent woman and ends up with a restraining order.”

I'm Shy, But I'll Heal – The Film

A poorly socialized hotel clerk sees a beautiful woman while on the job. He sets out to stalk her from town to town, spinning a web of lies to gaslight her into a relationship. Oh, wait, sorry… I mean a quirky man, shy and unlucky at love, encounters love at first sight and sets out on a charming, funny odyssey to win the girl of his dreams. 

I'm Shy, But I'll Heal – The Furs

Mimi Coutelier plays Agnes, the lady unlucky enough to have caught the eye of hotel clerk Pierre. Agnes enters the scene wearing this full-length lynx- and matching hat.

She even opens the credits with a freeze frame of her wearing the hat and being ogled by a mini, animated version of the protagonist (clearly ‘inspired' by the animated intros to the Pink Panther films).

Agnes later departs the hotel in a different coat, this one a full-length coyote fur. Both coats are rather brief, and this is the only time we see the coyote fur.

Next in Agnes' wardrobe is this coat with a thick . She's wearing it while reading a book on some rocks near the sea, as was very common in the ‘70s. At least when you want a comedian in a pontoon boat doing a bit nearby.

The lynx-dyed fox makes another, sadly brief appearance in a very similar fashion to the original. Agnes is photographed and then whisked away quickly.

Finally, we have this fur ensemble, a stroller coat, and a matching hat. You'll be seeing this the most, as Agnes is engaged in a conversation with a romantic rival while, you guessed it, a French comedian is doing some charming stalking nearby. 

There is only a little fur in this film, but the furs that appear are fabulous. Bonus points for the film's use of hats, which is not quite so common. Proper accessories are always a welcome addition to any fur ensemble. The fox, coyote, and raccoon are all very nice pieces and actress Mimi Coutelier makes a believable subject for “Love at First Sight.”

  • Fur + Feather Runtime: approx 02:13 minutes
  • Film Runtime: 90 minutes
  • On-Screen Ratio: 2.46%

Find-a-Fur: I'm Shy, But I'll Heal, 1978

(All times are approximate and are affected by the cut of the film.)

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