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Furs on Film – Hit and Run (1982)

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It's time to dig through the VHS bin and see what turns up. What's this? Something with nary a Wikipedia entry in sight? Depending on whom you ask, the 1982 or 1983 version of Hit and Run is a mere footnote in cinematic history. It's also on Tubi, so don't ask me where you can find it. Because you can find it. On Tubi.

Hit and Run – The Film

A cab driver regularly picks up a pretty lady with a mysterious past. Naturally, he becomes too curious and is framed for murder. A hit-and-run murder? Why, yes, it was. He goes on the run to figure out what happened and track down the pretty lady with the help of all his cabbie buddies. 

Hit and Run – The Furs

So, the lady in question is Diana Douglas (Claudia Cron), and Diana wears the same thing each night she goes on her little cab ride: a full-length . That's right, direct from the , this coat is the culmination of the decade's fur fashion excess.

This is apparently one of Claudia Cron's only leading roles, according to IMDb. She was quite the quest star on all the 80s primetime staples. She wears it well.

Later in the film, Diana disappears, and our cabbie hero is left to scour the streets of New York looking for her. Now, what about Diana does he most remember, and what is the one thing he looks for while searching? You're goddamn right.

All is eventually revealed, somehow; it's not like I watched the movie or anything, but not before a final extended sequence of Diana running around NYC in the blue fox coat.

Hit and Run delivers just under ten minutes of blue fox superiority for your viewing pleasure. You may need to squint because the only existing copy, even on Tubi, is clearly VHS quality. Something tells me you should not be holding your breath for the 4k restoration on this one. Hey, I'd vote for it, but no one is asking me. In any case, it nets a solid 10% runtime, of which none can be remotely considered ‘filler.'

  • Fur Runtime: 9:53 minutes
  • Film Runtime:  96 minutes
  • On-Screen Ratio: 10.30%

Find-a-Fur: Hit and Run, 1982

(All times are approximate and are affected by the cut of the film.)

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