Fur Stars Galleries

Links to screen-captures and images.

Fur Stars:

6 Comments to “Fur Stars Galleries”

  1. What a wonderful website. Old movies are so fun to watch; fake fur was too tacky for film in the days of taste. The texture of fur is just resplendent in black and white. One more recent film to feature glorious real fur is the made for TV movie about Coco Chanel. I would love to see that movie added to the gallery.

  2. Hmmm, recent Lifetime TV movie starring Shirley McLaine. I’ll keep an eye out to see if they rerun it. Appreciate the tip.

  3. I think, fur is so womanly and sexy. It is unfortunate, that nowadays women wear fur less.
    I hope, that wear of fur come into fashion again.
    The old pictures and this website is very good.

  4. Got into a discussion about Sophia Loren wearing fur in movies, but i cannot recall the name of any of them. Anyh ideas here?

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