Marlene Dietrich in Fur

8 Responses to “Marlene Dietrich in Fur”

  1. I love this outfit! I want this fur coat and dress… glamor glamor glamor!!
    thank you for this fantastic website. I am a fur fanatic xx

  2. This is obviously a labor of love for you. Surprised to find another obsessed fur buff, other than me. For me it’s the white foxes and sables. Do you have any idea how much a woman has to be attended when she wears a huge white fox. So expensive, so perishable/

  3. While I find the coloring on most sable a bit drab, it does have a certain additional charm due the greatly enhanced price tag. A good black sable is rather fetching indeed. My tastes do, admittedly, run to the brighter, far less subtle hues, as white fox is certainly a fine example.

  4. Thanks for the amazing site and the wonderful research…for all of us, lovers of furs, of course Hollywood stars wearing those faboulous creations are a great inspiration.Lights on the set were perfect to show all those beauties , not only furs,but shining jewels and hair style!
    Taylor in chinchillĂ  or in white mink with her dark hair and her moon skin tone and the divine Dietrich are my favourite!!!
    Please, don’t confuse the material of the famous white coat that followed Marlene on the stage for so many years singing in her one woman show: the coat was in swan! Kiss from Kim ( Paris)

  5. The first 2 and last image are not mammal fur. They are made of Marabou stork feathers and look like white fox. The full length white coat was a stage costume and would have been too heavy to perform in. I met the lady who was her dresser when she appeared on Broadway.

    • Could have sworn I’d updated this one, but you are correct, I recall having learned that fact a while back. In fact, I thought it was an earlier comment on this very post. But that does not seem to be the case. Still, I can always imagine it’s white fox, and will no doubt continue to do so.


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