Furs on Television Gallery – Another World

13 thoughts on “Furs on Television Gallery – Another World

  1. From what I understand, SoapNet started showing Another World from 1987. Which would explain why what you see above happened, and then it all went away as the 90’s arrived.

    With any luck there’ll eventually be an “80’s SoapNet”.

    Thanks for all your comments.

  2. Could you tell me what is number of episode and season with this blonde lady with big 80s hair and a huge fox fur.
    I`m looking for this video clip but I can`t find anywhere ……Please help

  3. Apologies, but I really have no idea what episodes these were outside the fact that they were from 1987 and later.

    The blonde whom I believe you’re referring to, the one that isn’t young, hot Anne Heche, wasn’t much more than a guest star from what I recall, she didn’t have a lot of scenes and I couldn’t figure out who she was.

  4. GlamorinFurs do you have a clip with this scene from “another world” which I asked before ? I mean scene with blonde lady I mantioned last time.

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