Furs on Film – American Dreamer (1984)

It’s DVD time! Unlike The Gumshoe Kid, there is an outside chance American Dreamer may one day be delivered in a slightly higher resolution, but for now, we will have to make do with advanced technology. This exemplifies that we’re still at the “garbage in, garbage out” stage of AI upscaling. There’s only so much… Read More Furs on Film – American Dreamer (1984)

Furs on Film – The Gumshoe Kid (1990)

It’s VHS time! While I love the 80s, there is quite a bit of media from that time that is only available in postage stamp resolution by modern standards. So forgive the lower quality; AI upscaling can only do so much at this point. I hereby swear, should The Gumshoe Kid be released with a… Read More Furs on Film – The Gumshoe Kid (1990)

Furs on Film – I, Tonya (2017)

A movie from 2017? It must be a period piece. This one was rammed through the ole suggestion form quite a few times, so someone is going to enjoy this. When I say it features Margot Robbie in fur, I’m sure some… ears… will prick up. Sadly, you’ll need to temper those expectations. I, Tonya… Read More Furs on Film – I, Tonya (2017)

Furs on Film – Dolls (1987)

It’s almost Halloween, so let’s discuss a Stuart Gordon film. You know, Re-Animator, From Beyond, and… Dolls. Yes, this is not one of Gordon’s cult classics, but his third film, and he is only three away from his future masterpiece, Robot Jox. While this one was a little early for the evil doll movie renaissance… Read More Furs on Film – Dolls (1987)

Furs on TV – Pelts (2006)

The monkey’s paw shrivels as the last wish is spoken. The last couple didn’t go so well. Still, you’re confident that asking for a mainstream piece of media that explores some of the historically noted eroticism of fur fashion is a simple wish. What could go wrong? The Pelts Blu-ray smacks you in the face. … Read More Furs on TV – Pelts (2006)

Furs on Film – Murder-Rock: Dancing Death (1984)

Lucio Fulci is a big name in the scary movie world. He’s responsible for some genre classics in zombie and Gallio films and worked in many genres over a decades-long career. So, naturally, since I’m talking about him, we’ll be looking at one of his flops. Yes, horror fans may sing the praises of Zombi… Read More Furs on Film – Murder-Rock: Dancing Death (1984)

Furs on Film – The Possession Of Joel Delaney (1972)

Let the horror themes continue. Up next: possession. I was so ready to make Exorcist knock-off jokes about this movie, but it had the audacity to be released the year before The Exorcist. It even contains an exorcism of sorts. So get your fill of the furs in The Possession Of Joel Delaney, with a… Read More Furs on Film – The Possession Of Joel Delaney (1972)

Furs on Film – A Stranger Is Watching (1982)

It’s October, time for the usual spooky theme month stuff. So, scary movies with fur in them. I’ve already posted a few, but there are a few more. Honestly, with the notable exception of Gallio, horror is not a great place to find fur fashion. It was not entirely absent, though, as we’re about to… Read More Furs on Film – A Stranger Is Watching (1982)

Gallery Update – Night Shift

Bet you didn’t think the key film in the ’80s-hookers-wear-fur film cannon was directed by Ron Howard? It’s true; before his family-friendly directorial days, he took a brief detour through R-Rated comedy with Night Shift. We’ve got a couple of big sitcom stars looking to make movie careers and a large pile of fur coats… Read More Gallery Update – Night Shift

Furs on Film – The Shadow (1994)

How many of you remember the “before times?” You know, back before Marvel movies, when superhero movies kinda sucked? We return to this period with The Shadow, a superhero movie that kinda sucked. While the plot, pacing, acting, and overall cinematic quality may be subpar, we are here to honor the costume designer’s 100% faithfulness… Read More Furs on Film – The Shadow (1994)