About FurGlamor.com

A collection of galleries featuring classic furs from film, television, and perhaps other sources as warranted.  The focus will be primarily on power furs, big coats, hats, collars, cuffs, stoles, and more.  The “mega foxes” of the past that were so common in the 30’s and then again in the late 70’s and 80’s.  The kind of furs that are rather scarce these days.

The collection is from my personal set video clips captured over the years.  Since the idea of Fair Use is under siege these days, I’m not sure I could find a public host for the clips, but I reason the still captures should not attract too much attention.

There are no movies to download here, just galleries of stills. Are there movies? You bet, but they are safe and sound on my hard drive. Since YouTube channels are one whiny rights-holders complaint away from shut down, I’m not planning on setting up shop there any time soon.

Even though I’m pretty confident this site easily falls under Fair Use guidelines, I’m not going to pick that fight. The clips are “transformative” in nature, since I’ve helpfully corrected the film editors poor decisions to cut away from women in furs when they are on-screen, but still, I doubt they’d bother to make that distinction.

Comments are open, feel free.