Fur TV Galleries

Links to screencaps and renders.

Fur on TV:

  • Another World – Captures from the final years of the ’80s on the daytime soap, Another World, featuring classic power foxes. ReviewGallery.
  • Bring Me the Head of Dobie Gillis – TV movie from 1988 based on the short-lived television series features a lightly past her prime Connie Stevens in a selection of quintessentially 80’s fox furs. ReviewGallery.
  • Deceptions – TV Miniseries from 1985 that features Stephanie Powers doing what she did in the ’80s, wearing large fur coats. ReviewGallery.
  • Hawkeye – Marvel does fur! Very, very briefly, and mostly fake. Still, I’m not quibbling about Hailee Steinfeld in a faux fur collar and cuffs. Review + Gallery.
  • Knots Landing – The poor cousin to Dallas and Dynasty, Knots Landing still worked up some decent mega furs from time to time. ReviewGallery.
  • Lace and Lace II – ’80s event mini-series starring Phoebe Cates as a girl who takes almost eight hours of TV to find out who were parents were. At least she wears nice furs in the process. ReviewGallery + Clip.
  • Moonlighting Seasons 1 & 2 – First two seasons of the classic 80’s comedy-caper show, in which Cybill Shepherd regularly wears huge 80’s fox coats. ReviewGallery.
  • Paper Dolls – Gallery of captures from the short-lived 80’s series Paper Dolls, featuring Morgan Fairchild and Nicollette Sheridan in big furs. ReviewGallery.
  • Pelts (Masters of Horror S2 E06) – Dario Argento makes no statement whatsoever in a story about possessed raccoon pelts murdering people. Review + Clip + Gallery.
  • Snow Queen – 2002 Hallmark TV miniseries which gives the titular queen an appropriately lavish white fox-trimmed coat and hat. Review + Clip + Gallery.

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