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Furs on Film – Seven Golden Men (1965)
While the "swinging" Sixties aren't my favorite fur fashion decade, it turns in some good stuff occasionally. And, hey, you're more likely to find fur in a '60s film than anything made after 1990. Granted, you …
Furs on Film – Maybe I Do (2023)
Let's see, checking notes, reading summary. Pausing. Reading again. Cross-referencing. Realization is slowly dawning. Maybe I Do is not a period piece! It is not a period piece and features fur! I guess the …
Furs on Film – The Case of the Bloody Iris (1972)
We continue our long-running series on "films where Edwige Fenech is pursued by a killer while wearing fur." If I had a nickel for every time this has happened… I'd have 2 nickles, but it's kinda …
Furs on Film – Bedazzled (2000)
You're releasing a film in 2000 with a character that wears real fur… and it's not a period piece! How can you justify this affront to all that is good and decent in the world? Easy, …
Furs on Film – 101 Dalmatians (1996)
So, we're doing this, the first faux update on the site. But, some may protest, some of it surely was real. If, for some reason, that is important to you, feel free to cite sources. I …
Furs on Film – The Happy Hooker (1975)
The Happy Hooker is a 1975 film mostly known for spawning two sequels with ever-decreasingly renowned actresses in the lead role. For the first one, we get Lynn Redgrave to add an air of credibility to …

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