The Manton Crystal Fox

2021 Update, fixed dead embed. Sure, you’ve seen it before, but it’s a really nice shot of one of the most “famous” furs in silver screen history. This is the fur with top billing in a film with a very crowded marquee, perfectly deployed upon the shoulders of the lovely Miss Stanwyck. I found this in… Read More The Manton Crystal Fox

Furs on TV – Moonlighting Seasons 1 and 2

Posting has been a little thin in these, the dog days of summer. Not that that’s an actual excuse, mind you, it just sounds nice. In any case, I think this one may be a little popular. My stats are clear on one thing, readers like color, and readers love the ’80s. Hey, I love… Read More Furs on TV – Moonlighting Seasons 1 and 2

Furs on Film – The Mad Miss Manton (1938)

Time to kick off the New Year with something I’ll not be able to outdo: the best fur fashion film of all time: The Mad Miss Manton. I was wavering on that opinion because I hadn’t really seen it in a while, but now that I’ve dug through almost every frame with a glistening guard… Read More Furs on Film – The Mad Miss Manton (1938)

Furs on TV – Another World (1987-89)

Like ships passing in the night, SoapNet’s programming schedule and my best days of capping were not destined to meet up at the appropriate time. Those early days permeated with 80’s nighttime soaps did help hone my skills. Unfortunately, they weren’t what they are today. This doesn’t mean I don’t have an extensive back catalog… Read More Furs on TV – Another World (1987-89)