Furs on TV – Hawkeye (2021)

Hey, there was fur in Hawkeye. One may even be real, but I’m willing to be convinced there’s a great way to fake lynx. Before you go getting too excited, we’re talking about one whole minute of run time. The maybe real lynx is the better of the two, and it shows up for… checks… Read More Furs on TV – Hawkeye (2021)

Furs on TV – Moonlighting Seasons 1 and 2

Posting has been a little thin in these, the dog days of summer. Not that that’s an actual excuse, mind you, it just sounds nice. In any case, I think this one may be a little popular. My stats are clear on one thing, readers like color, and readers love the ’80s. Hey, I love… Read More Furs on TV – Moonlighting Seasons 1 and 2

Furs on Television – Deceptions (1985)

When TCM gives you lemons, you find an alternate source of lemonade. Thanks to an associate of mine for providing the “raw material” for this one. In my defense, I have a copy of Deceptions from years back, when it was a bit of fluffy filler on the Encore network, and cap quality wasn’t quite… Read More Furs on Television – Deceptions (1985)

Furs On Television – Bring Me the Head of Dobie Gillis (1988)

Heading back to more familiar territory, the 1980s, with one from “the vaults” of older caps. Always nice to be reminded what a truly spectacular decade that was. With any luck, the fashion cycle will replay it sooner rather than later. I’m filing this under “television” and not film because it was a TV movie,… Read More Furs On Television – Bring Me the Head of Dobie Gillis (1988)

Furs on TV – Knots Landing (1982-1989)

Soap.net abandoned me a while back. I knew I was in trouble the minute I saw commercials for 90210. As I knew it would, the network’s line-up was slowly overtaken by 90’s soaps. Except for 60 minutes in the wee hours of the morning for Ryan’s Hope, the network is devoid of any worthwhile programming.… Read More Furs on TV – Knots Landing (1982-1989)

Furs on TV – Another World (1987-89)

Like ships passing in the night, SoapNet’s programming schedule and my best days of capping were not destined to meet up at the appropriate time. Those early days permeated with 80’s nighttime soaps did help hone my skills. Unfortunately, they weren’t what they are today. This doesn’t mean I don’t have an extensive back catalog… Read More Furs on TV – Another World (1987-89)