Furs on Film – At Long Last Love (1975)

Finally, I get around to posting that notoriously bad film set in the 1930s starring Burt Reynolds and Madaline Khan. Didn’t you already do that, you ask? No, silly, I’m talking about the musical one: At Long Last Love. When I say notoriously bad, I mean it. City Heat was just run-of-the-mill bad; this one… Read More Furs on Film – At Long Last Love (1975)

Furs in Film – City Heat (1984)

I’ve covered Night Shift and Forever Lulu, so, next up in the famous furs of 80’s Hollywood series: City Heat. City Heat – The Film City Heat is part of the long Hollywood buddy-cop movie tradition; the “half twist” here is one of the cops retired and is now a private eye. The other twist… Read More Furs in Film – City Heat (1984)