FurGlamor’s Top 12 Actresses

Comments on the last post got me thinking a little harder about my favorites, so I decided to try and get them down, all official-like. So here is my entirely subjective personal opinion on the top 12 fur-wearing actresses of the last 80 or so years (mainly minus the last 20 since they… sucked). If… Read More FurGlamor’s Top 12 Actresses

Furs on Film – The Great Race (1965)

I’m posting a film from 1965 about events in 1908. It will join previous time-shifting entries like City Heat and the Dr. Phibes films. Still, it’s a film from 1965, and it will neatly fill the gap in the decade list. Besides, The Great Race has Natalie Wood in 3 different fox furs in the… Read More Furs on Film – The Great Race (1965)