Furs on Film – Penelope (1966)

I have unintentionally been flipping back and forth between drama and comedy for the past few updates, so let’s keep that ball rolling. It’s swinging ‘60s time again, a decade that is not the best for my preferred type of fur fashion but is not without its charms. Charm #1 is Natalie Wood, who returns… Read More Furs on Film – Penelope (1966)

Furs on Film – The Great Race (1965)

I’m posting a film from 1965 about events in 1908. It will join previous time-shifting entries like City Heat and the Dr. Phibes films. Still, it’s a film from 1965, and it will neatly fill the gap in the decade list. Besides, The Great Race has Natalie Wood in 5 different furs in the space… Read More Furs on Film – The Great Race (1965)