Furs on Film – Penelope (1966)

I have unintentionally been flipping back and forth between drama and comedy for the past few updates, so let’s keep that ball rolling. It’s swinging ‘60s time again, a decade that is not the best for my preferred type of fur fashion but is not without its charms. Charm #1 is Natalie Wood, who returns… Read More Furs on Film – Penelope (1966)

Furs on Film – Factory Girl (2006)

On to the next 100 reviews, I suppose. Fair warning, there is no abundance of softcore flicks with lots of big fox furs, so you’ll have to make do with a lot of regular flicks with big fox furs. Like Factory Girl, a 60s period piece from the mid-’00s featuring a reliable modern fur wearer,… Read More Furs on Film – Factory Girl (2006)

Furs on Film – The Last Metro (1980)

The ’80s were great for a lot of reasons. Okay, mostly the furs, but you could also make movies where Nazis were the bad guys without some whiny bitches on Twitter complaining about it. So let’s take a ride on The Last Metro and hope no one shows up in the comments to claim that… Read More Furs on Film – The Last Metro (1980)