Looks like someone at Cookie’s little slice of heaven found the blog.  Greetings all.  I can assure it is a “real” website, heh.

Thing about Open Source software like WordPress is, it relies on the good graces of the people who chose to use it to throw them a little recognition in exchange for the fact that they let you use it for free and all…

Admittedly, leaving the “login” section up was somewhat lazy on my part, since it was just a shortcut for me.  I pulled it off to avoid any confusion.  There isn’t any paywall, everything here is free.  It’s vidcaps of old movies and TV shows, why wouldn’t it be?

It does take a little time to put together these posts, so I can’t promise anything like an update a day or antyhing, but I’m working at getting more up.  Feel free to leave comments, there’s no rule against that either.

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  1. The Green Fairy Avatar

    What a wonderful site. I am a great fan of the old films and I wondered if you would like any contributions (pictures that is!)

  2. Certainly. I can set up a group of contributors galleries easily. My site email is ‘webmaster@’ the furglamor.com domain.

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