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Quick note to say you can now comment on individual gallery pages and not just posts. Want to agree that the blush fox mega-wrap in the Let’s Do It Again gallery is really great?  Well, now you can.

There is an update coming soon, too, more 30’s fox… from the 80’s.

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  1. The Green Fairy Avatar

    I am an enthusiastic collector of period films with fur in them and I was wondering if it would be possible for you to rate the films relative to the amount of time fur is actually on screen. I know this might be seen as using you but I have previously bought films on instinct and not only are they some what lacking in fur but the film was acually rather disappointing; a good example of this to me was Reckless starring Jean Harlow.

  2. Ah, Reckless about 30 seconds of Miss Harlow in a spectacular white fox wrap, but, yes, completely dry otherwise.

    Usually if I post something here, then the film has what I consider a notable “fur runtime”, generally in the area of 2+ minutes. That might seem short to you, but I’m approaching it from the angle of cutting together all the notable fur in the film into a single clip or clips, and I’ve found 2 minutes is a good length.

    There aren’t a lot of films that are just soaking in fur front to back. Not every film can be Forever Lulu (sadly). If you’re watching the entire film, then 2 minutes probably isn’t a lot, granted. My thumb is firmly on the “FF” button until a fur appears.

    I will make a note to add a rough runtime to the reviews that corresponds to the lengths of the clips I have from them.

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