Dietrich in Fur – Shanghai Express

Marlene Dietrich

Not sure I’ve mentioned this… oh, yes, I have… but I’m a big fan of this scene from Shanghai Express and continue to wait patiently for TCM to show the film, which used to air almost every freaking month, again.

Ironically this publicity shot provides a much clearer view of exactly how much fur “isn’t” there, whereas it’s almost impossible to tell from the way she was shot in the film itself.

Update 2021: Or it would if it was the same embed but that died and I cannot remember the pic I found. So here, clear shot of the collar.

Working on an actual update for next week.

3 thoughts on “Dietrich in Fur – Shanghai Express

  1. I own a copy of this movie. The coat is definitely the star of the show but Marlene just oozes sex appeal as in most of her thirties and forties films. Anna May Wong also puts in a good contribution.

    I think Marlene was such a stunning woman. If they made a film which perfected casting in appeal and fur wearing then my first thoughts would be Billie Burke as the mother, Irene Dunne as the wife and Marlene Dietrich as the lover.

  2. Wow, makes me think. Had I to choose between casting Garbo and Dietrich, who would I go with? Have to say Garbo, but Dietrich would be a very close second. Garbo, to me, at least, has the slightest edge.

    Ideally I’d find the right project and cast both, of course, with Crawford and Stanwyck in (lavish, lengthy) supporting roles. And I don’t think I’d be casting a romantic divorce comedy either…

    Before my mind runs very, very far away from me, I will agree about Anna May Wong, quite the beautiful lady and someone I’ve always hoped to find in a large fox coat or 2 eventually.

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