Louise Brooks – Fox Collar and Cuffs

Can’t pass this up, the reasons for which should be fairly obvious if you’ve been paying attention so far. Bonus gloves for those that fancy those.

I’d say a matching fox hat of at least twelve inches in height was in order to provide an appropriate symmetry.

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  1. The Green Fairy Avatar

    I would agree with you; Perhaps she also needs a large muff, just ensure her hands remain warm. I rather like an unnecessary (in practical terms) excess of fur trim and accessories, it certainly creates an air of haughty opulence. A good example is Lauren Bacall near the beginning of Murder On The Orient Express; a coat with huge white fox trim and she is also wearing a large matching stole. Absolutely wonderful!

    I do not think that fur hats were particularly popular in the nineteen-twenties; most ladies wore bonnets like Louise Brooks is wearing or the ‘helmet’ hats. I have just had a quick look through my pics; there are ladies from that decade covered in lashings of fur but no fur hats.

  2. I think we can agree to compromise and just add both the muff and the hat.

    Murder On The Orient Express (1974) does start out rather strong, sadly there’s not much left after that opening at the station. Still, fine foxes on both Miss Bacall and the young Miss Bisset.

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