Joan Crawford, with mighty lashes.

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Another week, another losing battle against all of cable television in providing me something to post.

The poster called out the lashes in this pic. While I agree those are some pretty amazing lashes, going to have to say the collar is why I find this one rather engaging.

Don’t tar the young Miss Crawford with her later roles and appearance. She was a classic beauty throughout the 30’s and early 40’s, and thanks to the 30’s racked up an impressive on-screen wardrobe of lavish fur outfits.

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  1. The Green Fairy Avatar

    Think your self lucky that you do not live in England. Old films on free or pay channels are almost non-existant and the ones that they do show are endlessly repeated. Even if they do show a good old film (fur wise) on a one off basis it is usually something fairly mainstream like The Awful Truth that we old ‘Doras’ have had in our collection for years

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