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Crowdsourcing the Internet. It’s been done for decades, and now I’m hopping aboard this train 20 years later. The new suggestion form is live. It’s linked in the main menu right up top, too. So, my quixotic quest to fast forward through every piece of media from the 1980s, 1970s, and 1930s can be supplemented by the wisdom of the crowds, so to speak.

I was surprised to see an entry less than 24 hours after it went up. I was less surprised to realize it was everything I feared it would be. A film that looks really good but is not easy to find. It is La situation est grave… mais pas désespérée. The submission suggested a white fox coat of interest, and the trailer I found undoubtedly confirmed that.

Further investigation suggests I either have to learn French, pay out the butt for a crappy DVD, or view it as a postage stamp on Daily Motion. None of these options are suitable, particularly the first, as any of the educators who failed to teach me Spanish in high school will attest. And, while I am old enough to remember when we thought 240p video was the bee’s knees, it is not particularly edifying to look at as a blurry collection of sill pixels these days.

Bonus points for ticking my general existential dread that there are, in fact, probably hundreds of great foreign-language films with furs that will never hit my radar. That is not an exhortation to fill the suggestion form with them, at least, not with ones that can’t be easily found in at least 480p.

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