Furs on Film – Wait Until Dark (1967)

So, August is “low effort post” month. Or, it starts that way, with a one-and-done affair that you can check out of very early. The “good” news here is you won’t suffer too much if you keep going, as Wait Until Dark is generally agreed to be a pretty good movie. 

Wait Until Dark – The Film

The actual movie is about a plot to recover a doll stuffed with heroin from the apartment of a blind woman. We’re only here for the credits.

Wait Until Dark – The Furs

How did a doll stuffed with heroin end up in the blind lady’s apartment? We find out the first part of that tale as the opening scene shows Lisa (Samantha Jones) awaiting her heroine-filled doll. It’s cold out, and Lisa is wearing a .

She’s off to the airport, checking in and boarding a plane with the doll.

Finally, landing, she disembarks, crosses through the other airport, and meets her contact.

That’s it; the credits and the lynx fur coat are over. You can go home after your roughly two and a half minutes of lynx fur coat. The fur is shot well throughout, so you won’t be lacking for good views, however brief they may be—bonus points for that mod hairstyle on Miss Jones.

Fur Runtime: approx 02:30 minutes
Film Runtime: 108 minutes
On-Screen Ratio: 2.31%

Find-a-Fur: Wait Until Dark, 1967

(All times are approximate and are affected by the cut of the film.)

  • 01:00 – 05:40 – lynx coat

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