Furs on Film – Vampire in Venice (1988)

Other October and another chance to feature the more-common-than-you-would-think cross-over between horror movies and fur fashion. Now, remember that you won’t be finding much in the bargain basement slasher bin. Look for the high-concept shit, like Vampire in Venice.

Vampire in Venice – The Film

The movie is about *Checks Notes* a vampire… in Venice. 

Read the Wikipedia article; the “making of” is far more interesting than the movie. 

Vampire in Venice – The Furs

Meet Helietta (Barbara De Rossi), who thinks she has vampire problems in her basement. Her basement… in Venice. What more appropriate way to investigate the basement than wearing a full-length

The whole “milling around the basement” sequence takes about five minutes. It is not well-lit, but I suppose I have to grant that… it’s not supposed to be. Still, I may have opted for a key light or two on the sable. Artistic license…

About a half hour later, Helietta again descends into the undercroft in a huge fur coat, this one . So, she’s getting better at it.

Between the two furs, there are about four minutes total in the film. They are lovely furs, and while my preference will run directly to the silver fox, I am told there are people who consider this “sable” stuff somewhat desirable. This is another movie that’s probably nothing worth watching for any other reason but fast-forwarding to the furs, and at least it does you the service of making that pretty easy with two nicely distinct sequences.

  • Fur Runtime: 03:53 minutes
  • Film Runtime:  97 minutes
  • On-Screen Ratio: 4%

Find-a-Fur: Vampire in Venice, 1988

(All times are approximate and are affected by the cut of the film.)

  • 10:20 – 15:15 – sable coat
  • 44:40 – 48:20 – silver fox

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