Furs on Film – Terminal (2018)

Mentioned I was aware of this back when I posted I, Tonya. This is the film where Margot wears the good stuff, not some crappy rabbit jacket. According to Rotten Tomatoes, that may be the only good thing about Terminal. This film is also notable because it was released in 2018 and is not a… Read More Furs on Film – Terminal (2018)

Furs on Film – Piercing (2018)

How do we know the 2018 film Piercing is set in the 1980s? Is it the poorly animated “Feature Presentation” graphic that opens it and the digitally inserted VHS artifacts during the production credits? Is it the taxis and phone booths? Is it the upscale call girl using a hotel landline? No, it’s the blue… Read More Furs on Film – Piercing (2018)

Furs on Film – The Infiltrator (2016)

This is the last ‘80s period piece I have queued up at the moment, which means entries that start with “2” in the year of release will be far less common. Tip of the big fur hat to all the costume designers who demand authenticity in their historical films,  but I just wish the 1980s… Read More Furs on Film – The Infiltrator (2016)

Furs on Film – Anna Karenina (2012)

Do you know what we need more of in 2022? Tragedy. Wait, no, I mean Keira Knightley in a bunch of fur. So let’s break out the most recent adaption of the Tolstoy classic, Anna Karenina, and check out Keira and her Oscar-winning Imperial Russian costume design.  Anna Karenina – The Film Holy crap, look… Read More Furs on Film – Anna Karenina (2012)

Furs on Film – American Hustle (2013)

Hey, two ‘80s updates in a row. Sorta, and it’s the one thing that keeps me going cinematically, ‘80s period pieces with real fur. This one hits even harder because I vaguely recall seeing the evening news reporting on the events this movie dramatized when I was but a wee webmaster. Not only that, it… Read More Furs on Film – American Hustle (2013)