Furs on Film – Red (2010) & Red 2 (2013)

Films with genuine fur from a year that starts with a “2”? Yes, it is possible. This is why you jerks should stop turning your noses up at anything in black and white. I'm gonna run out of these a lot faster. I almost feel like there needs to be an asterisk next to this entry. That is because the furs are likely the result of the characters being “period pieces.” Thus the “Retired, Extremely Dangerous” characters of the Red film (barely) franchise are relics from the 1980s and dress accordingly.

Red & Red 2 – The Films

Red is a more personal affair about a retired operative living peacefully before becoming targeted for assassination. This, naturally, turns out to be more difficult than planned as he gets the old assassin band back together to sort it out. Red was a box office success, so it got a sequel and a bigger budget. Red 2 has the group framed for being nuclear terrorists trying to smuggle a bomb. Naturally, they stop the real perpetrators and amusingly detonate the bomb anyway. Don't be concerned about the size of the blast wave, EMP, and fallout from air detonated nuke; it was to kill the bad guy, so by movie logic, it's all good.

Red – The Furs

Helen Mirren in a Lynx Fur Stroller - Red, 2010

I'll be honest; Red is here because of Red 2. The original does not have a lot of fur, but what is there is nice. In both films, Helen Mirren's English agent Victoria does much of the fur-wearing. In Red, she's all that matters, and you have to wait a while. Fifteen minutes past the hour mark, Victoria's hodded lynx parka finally appears.

Helen Mirren in a Lynx Fur Stroller - Red, 2010

It's a lovely parka, even if she's just standing around while wearing it.

Ten minutes later, as spy shenanigans intensify, Victoria arrives in this coat at a party. That it's right there, you just saw almost all of it.

Helen Mirren in a Lynx Fur Stroller - Red, 2010

Finally, after the climactic shoot-out, Victoria casually strolls by in her lynx once more after having helped save the day.

That's it for Red. Ultimately a footnote in cinematic fur fashion history was it not ultimately responsible for a greenlight (and bigger fur budget) on Red 2. I probably shouldn't have bothered trying to make an edit, but I did my best with what was available. People will probably doze off before getting to Red 2 and the good stuff.

  • Fur Runtime: 1:03 minutes
  • Film Runtime: 111 minutes
  • On-Screen Fur Ratio: 1%

Find-a-Fur: Red, 2010

(all times are approximate and are affected by the cut of the film)

  • 1:15:30 – lynx parka
  • 1:25:00 – white mink
  • 1:42:20 – lynx parka

Fur Fashion Gallery: Red, 2010

Red 2 – The Furs

Helen Mirren in a Black Fur Collar - Red 2, 2013

And we're back with a bigger budget and more furs. But, no budget for lighting, as we're about to find out. Victoria is back and wearing fur, doing some work while explaining to our heroes on the phone she passed on a contract to kill them. This may be a black fox, but it's difficult to be sure.

Catherine Zeta-Jones in a Black Fur Collar - Red 2, 2013

Spy trip to Paris where the team meets Katja (Catherine Zeta-Jones, a perfectly cast Russian agent every time). She has a black and cuffs… against a black coat and in poor light. So I can't be sure what this is, and it reads very similar to Victoria's earlier coat.

Mary-Louise Parker in a Fur Collar - Red 2, 2013

Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker) is a rare example of a love interest surviving into an action movie sequel. She shows up with the group wearing what appears to be a pretty modest rabbit fur collar. 

Catherine Zeta-Jones in a Black Fur Collar and Cuffs - Red 2, 2013

Her character is threatened by Kajta's touchy-feely reunion with her new boyfriend. Yeah, good call.

Catherine Zeta-Jones in a Black Fur Coat - Red 2, 2013

Katja is looking for the same thing and does the whole sexy Russian agent-in-fur seduction routine later that night. Sadly, not as common a “thing” as I would like. My only quibble is she uses a mink. At least, I think, because, yet again, there's a dark fur in a poorly lit scene.

Mary-Louise Parker in a Blue Fox Fur Jacket - Red 2, 2013

Spy shenanigans intensify the next day again, involving Sarah strolling out holding this oddly distressed-looking fox jacket.

Mary-Louise Parker in a Blue Fox Fur Jacket - Red 2, 2013

It's pretty nice, though I'm not diplomatic enough not to wish it was Catherine Zeta-Jones wearing it.

Helen Mirren in a Fur Collar - Red 2, 2013

Victoria has sat most of the movie out but returns to wear more fur and kick more hiney. But slowly, starting with this very, very tiny little collar. Can't even begin to guess what it is.

Helen Mirren in a Fur Collar and Fox Fur Hat - Red 2, 2013

She ramps up slowly by adding a real fox hat. I think this is supposed to be the same coat as earlier, but I don't think it is (collar is larger and has a different texture). I also don't think it matters, honestly.

Finally, there is the big climactic action sequence at the end of the film, where Victoria brings in what is likely a fox or sheepskin-lined coat with a nice collar.

Helen Mirren in a Fur Collar and Lined Coat - Red 2, 2013

She spends the rest of the film in this coat, though she is only a part of the elaborate action set piece. This is both good and bad, as it becomes intermittent as the film follows multiple threads throughout the ending.

Helen Mirren in a Fur Collar and Lined Coat - Red 2, 2013

Still, this is a fine example if you're looking for a badass lady in a kicking butt.

The sequel makes a good impression, especially for a film released in 2013 that is not a period piece. Red 2 has less of an excuse about fur fashion due exclusively to the wearers' age, as Mary-Louise Parker and Catherine Zeta-Jones characters are younger and more “modern.” It crosses the finish line at 6%, which, when combined with the variety of the furs in the film, makes it a solid recommendation. 

  • Fur Runtime: 7:04 minutes
  • Film Runtime: 116 minutes
  • On-Screen Fur Ratio: 6%

Find-a-Fur: Red 2, 2013

(all times are approximate and are affected by the cut of the film)

  • 26:20 – black fox? collar
  • 31:00 – 33:40 – rabbit collar + black fox? collar
  • 45:15 – mink? jacket
  • 48:00 – stroller (over shoulder)
  • 55:00 – brown collar (small)
  • 1:20:50 – ”
  • 1:23:05 – rabbit? collar + fox hat
  • 1:36:50 – 41:00 – white fox? fur-lined coat (intermittent)
  • 1:44:15 – 46:30 – ”

Fur Fashion Gallery: Red 2, 2013

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