Furs on Film – Red (2010) & Red 2 (2013)

Films with genuine fur from a year that starts with a “2”? Yes, it is possible. This is why you jerks should stop turning your noses up at anything in black and white. I’m gonna run out of these a lot faster. I almost feel like there needs to be an asterisk next to this… Read More Furs on Film – Red (2010) & Red 2 (2013)

Furs on Film – Chicago (2002)

It’s a Saturday and a movie from 2002, so it’s probably a period piece. This one is a musical, which is generally regarded as a lot better than the last musical I covered. Chicago is set in the 1920s, and I suspect there’s a little “embellishment” in the costume department, but that works out well… Read More Furs on Film – Chicago (2002)