Stanwyck In Fur – The Minor Films

A change of pace this week with a long-overdue update to the Fur Stars gallery, focusing on the third leg of the 30’s triumvirate of most-famous fur wearers: Barbara Stanwyck. One could easily focus on Dietrich, Garbo, and Stanwyck alone and cover some of the decade’s most fur rich films. Instead of rehashing the ground… Read More Stanwyck In Fur – The Minor Films

Furs on Film – Baby Face (1933)

Today we look at one of the more famous films I’ve profiled while mostly ignoring everything that made it famous. We will look at (the furs in) the 1933 film Baby Face, starring Barbara Stanwyck. Yes, Miss Stanwyck’s career highlight may not be until 1938, but she was no slouch in the fur-wearing department in… Read More Furs on Film – Baby Face (1933)

Furs in Film – Morning Glory (1933)

I did two color posts in a row; how did that happen? Let’s get back to the ’30s, where the financial analysts of today get all their Depression predictions from. One hopes it won’t take another one of those to usher in a new period of mega fox fashion in Hollywood. Fortunately, the 1933 Katharine… Read More Furs in Film – Morning Glory (1933)