Elizabeth Taylor in Fur

A brief detour into “current events” for this blog. Elizabeth Taylor's recent passing gives us a reason to take a look back. Unfortunately, her most high profile roles occurred in the most low profile fur fashion years. The IMDb suggests she started in 1942 and was particularly big in the 50's and 60's.

She did some things in the 70's, but none of them look all that familiar, and I doubt those will be the ones that figure into the eventual TCM retrospective. There is, of course, BUtterfield 8, but as far as movies with fur coats as plot points go, it's a really boring fur coat. Her character should have stolen that white fox from The Awful Truth instead.

Fortunately, 50 pages deep in Flickr search results, I found some good ones:




Elizabeth Taylor


By the way, if anyone knows what the story is with the last shot, if it's from a film, I mean, you'd be doin' a guy a solid if you posted the name in the comments.

Oh, and not to bite the hand that just fed me a quickie update, but really, guys, is it that hard to tag photos in Flickr? That last one for instance, may I suggest, oh, I don't know… “fur.” That's just off the top of my head.

3 thoughts on “Elizabeth Taylor in Fur

  1. Ash Wednesday from the 1970’s is not bad; quite a lot of fur.

    I could never understand why she put back the lynx collared coat for a mink; when I saw her taking it off I was shouting at her to leave it on. After that I lost interest although I did like the fur trimmed coat that she wore later in the film.

    Elizabeth Taylor came from the mink wearing era so we cannot expect much glamorous fox.

    From the pictures I have of her, she tended to wear far more fur in the real world rather than in her films.

  2. I will keep an eye out for that one, then.

    The fact that she dumped the lynx for the mink is a rather perfect illustration of what was wrong with fur fashion at the time.

    After paging through the search results to find what I did, I certainly agree, most of her best furs seemed to be the ones she was wearing out on the town. Though certainly other explanations abound, it’s nice to think she had a rather well stocked cloak room.

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