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Isa Miranda in Fur

Isa Miranda

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Much like the excellent sable in the last update, I rather like this outfit, despite it being somewhat conservative. Yes, a full fur cloak would have been that final touch, but the muff and headpiece, combined with the veil and the rather excellent lighting really combine to nail this one.

This is a publicity shot from a 1939 film named Hotel Imperial, so something else to keep an eye out for.

An Italian actress with a short career in the states, Isa was billed as the “Italian Marlene Dietrich”. Not a bad gig if you can get it. She’s a striking beauty, certainly.


Paramount Postcard of Marlene Dietrich in Fur

Marlene Dietrich

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So, the blog survived another major WordPress update. Since the blog is technically about fashion I thought maybe a change of “clothing” was in order, so I kicked in the latest “official” theme and messed around with the background and masthead image.

Presented today is Miss Marlene Dietrich, so synonymous with “movie stars wearing fur” that someone went to the trouble of desecrating her grave over it. That’s a hell of an endorsement in my book.

I have my very old Dietrich in Fur page, which relies heavily on old caps of the film Pittsburgh, which TCM has stubbornly refused to re-run in ages. It’s a prime candidate for full review. The train scene in Shanghai Express is also an all-time classic, even though it’s not fox and not an entire coat. It was filmed in such a way that neither of those facts matter.


Irene Dunne Publicity Still from Roberta – 1935

Irene Dunne

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It’s a Flickr post, so I must be taking the weekend off. Yep, that’s the case, but I found a really nice one, that is more relevant than usual this time. Here we have a large publicity still of Irene Dunne in her big white fox trimmed dress from Roberta. There’s even a decent quality “original” sized version for this one. This white fox was one of my earliest posts and still one of my all time favorites.


Joan Bennett in Vogues of 1938, 1937

Joan Bennett in silver fox from the film Vogues of 1938.

Joan Bennett in Vogues of 1938, 1937

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I can’t technically claim I’m not posting a full update because it’s Easter, but just go with it.

This is a fine photo to take a look at this morning, though. Vogues of 1938 is a great film, one of many I’m hoping that TCM will show again so I can get some better caps from it. It has a couple of fur fashion show segments plus a stage act with at least 10 women dressed in robes with huge white fox fur trim.


Mini-Update – Furs On Film – Reckless

As distractions abound, we’ll go with this, the most efficient way to characterize the 1935 film Reckless, staring Jean Harlow:

Jean Harlow’s White Fox Wrap from Reckless

Yes, that is a single link to a Flickr photo.  The shot is probably better than any still I have for it at the moment, and that is the singular fur in the entire film.  It’s a wonderfully huge white fox fur wrap that sits high on her shoulders and covers half her head in profile.  So, basically, it could have been a little larger… but good effort.

There’s no other fur in the film and this one is only around for about a minute in total.  The formal “fur  ratio” is about 1%.  It’s a really great 1% though.  Harlow’s white fox in this one is a classic. It’s near the beginning of the film, so you can skip the rest once she takes it off.

Completely unrelated bonus white fox: Lupe Valez in Fur


Mini-Update – Over The Moon

Taking a little break this weekend, but thanks to The Green Fairy, I have some shots from a film I will certainly be on the look-out for in the future, Over The Moon.  From 1939, a very good year, it seems to be a winner:
[singlepic id=701 w=320 h=240 float=center]

[singlepic id=702 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Haven’t seen this on TCM, but it is in their movie database, so maybe I’ll catch it someday. I even signed up on TCM’s website and suggested they show it.  I wonder how that’s going to work out.

Since I have next week off, I will be able to devote some time to next week’s update.  I’m sure most are familiar with the film I’ll be profiling, as it is pretty much the gold standard of 30’s films, if not of all time.


Carole Lombard in Fur

Carole Lombard

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Trying out Flickr’s “Blog This” capabilities. This is a very nice shot of Carole Lombard in what is most likely sable.


User Contribution – Evelyn Ankers in Fox – The Lone Wolf In London

Here’s a pic from the 1947 film The Lone Wolf in London gratefully contributed by The Green Fairy:
[singlepic id=585 w=320 h=240 float=center]

The actress is Evelyn Ankers, and the fur is fox, and the gentleman in the background is giving it a rather stern look. Perhaps he’s wondering how such a nice fox turned up on film in 1947.

Turns out I don’t have The Lone Wolf in London, but I was confusing it with 1940’s The Lone Wolf Strikes, the followup to The Lone Wolf Spy Hunt, which features a very large white fox coat and a silver fox jacket. I do have that one and you may learn all about those furs soon…


Fur Galleries are Open

The first galleries are open.  Check out the main gallery links at the top or right.  After some organizational shuffling more will be on the way.