Mini-Update – Over The Moon

Taking a little break this weekend, but thanks to The Green Fairy, I have some shots from a film I will certainly be on the look-out for in the future, Over The Moon.  From 1939, a very good year, it seems to be a winner:

Haven’t seen this on TCM, but it is in their movie database, so maybe I’ll catch it someday. I even signed up on TCM’s website and suggested they show it.  I wonder how that’s going to work out.

Since I have next week off, I will be able to devote some time to next week’s update.  I’m sure most are familiar with the film I’ll be profiling, as it is pretty much the gold standard of 30’s films, if not of all time.

4 thoughts on “Mini-Update – Over The Moon

  1. My final contribution to the list of furry films is ‘Unfaithfully Yours’ starring Linda Darnell. It really only features one coat but what a coat and it is on screen for a sizeable portion of the film; you will have to watch it to find out why.
    I have several other films that contain fur but i prefer the really furry ones like ‘Roberta’
    I have also been scouring Youtube and have found several films with some fur; i will give them another view and see what i think.

  2. I was wondering if you happened to have noticed the fur worn I believe by Barbara Bach in the one of the bond movies (The Spy who loved me?!?). It was exotic. Full length with hood all white.

  3. I believe I recall that one, yes, fox spread and a white short haired fur in the opening reel, though I don’t believe that was Miss Bach. Sadly, not really enough to warrant a full review here.

    Most Bond films are rather disappointing, the only notable exception is On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, not just for the quality of fur, but the fact it was wrapped around Diana Rigg.

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