Gallery Update – Night Shift

Bet you didn’t think the key film in the ’80s-hookers-wear-fur film cannon was directed by Ron Howard? It’s true, before his family friendly direcotiral days, he took a brief detour through R-Rated comedy with Night Shift. We’ve got a couple of big sitcom stars looking to make movie careers and a large pile of fur… Read More Gallery Update – Night Shift

Gallery Update – Forever Lulu

Let’s take another trip down AI-upscaled lane with Forever Lulu. Since this one is probably not on the Criterion Collection’s bucket list, it’s safe to say there will be a pretty long wait before the 4k digital restoration, so I feel confident this is a good use of the resource. It’s also the best fur… Read More Gallery Update – Forever Lulu

Gallery Update – What a Way to Go!

Updated the gallery and added a clip for What a Way to Go!, the 1964 comedy starring Shirley MacLaine. Still the best cinematic use of pink-dyed fox fur to date. Since I don’t think modern Hollywood will put out anything soon that will significantly alter the “pink fox fur on film” rankings, it should enjoy… Read More Gallery Update – What a Way to Go!

Gallery Update – Death of a Scoundrel

Revisiting perhaps the most mink-filled entry I’ve done to date: Death of a Scoundrel from 1956. I have new images and a clip, all clean and crisp, like a nostalgic view of the ’50s. Which is not what you’ll find in the movie, at least. Since it’s from the ’50s, you’re only allowed to wear… Read More Gallery Update – Death of a Scoundrel

Gallery Update – Snapshot (1979)

New HD caps and a fur fashion film edit are now available for the Snapshot review and gallery page. Thrill, as you can make out actual hair detail on all of Chantal Contouri’s many fur coats! Move along, nothing to see here. Positive Queer Rep in Snapshot (1979)? After finishing the edits, I searched around… Read More Gallery Update – Snapshot (1979)

Gallery Update – Dr. Phibes

Updates for both 1971’s The Abominable Dr. Phibes and 1972’s sequel Dr. Phibes Rises Again are live on the review and the gallery page. Revisiting this was interesting. The films have cult status and it is easy to see why. Vincent Price camping it up with ridiculously complex murder methods is pure cult catnip. Impractical, but that’s the… Read More Gallery Update – Dr. Phibes

Gallery Update – The Millionairess

New HD captures from the 1960 film The Millionairess are up. The review and gallery have been updated. Enjoy Sophia Loren in ermine, chinchilla, lynx, and, most importantly, white fox. Still holds up as an ultra-rare example of Sophia Loren in a fox fur in a movie, and what a lovely fox fur it was.… Read More Gallery Update – The Millionairess