Gallery Update – The Awful Truth

The biggest white fox fur coat committed to film happened in 1937. Sadly, I have to report there hasn’t been much effort put into besting it, and the odds of anyone trying grow dimmer with each passing decade. If you wish to dispute the title, the suggestion form is always open, though please note we review “legitimate cinema” here only. Well… mostly.

I added additional images because, previously, I only counted the white fox coat. This is technically correct because nothing else deserves notice in comparison. But there are other furs in the film, though it’s like following the Beatles.

The absolute awful truth here is crap numbers this edit will do, despite being one minute of the most amazing white fox coat most of you will ever see. Apparently, kids these days can’t fathom consuming media from before they were born, much less in *GASP* black-and-white!

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