These days it’s easier to find media from the ’30s with mega furs than it is to find similarly well-fashioned media from the ’80s. Despite what chronological order may suggest, even plumbing the depths of cable rarely turns up any 80’s gems. So we return to the by-gone days of power furs, and the women who knew who to use them with I’m No Angel.

I’m No Angel – The Film

This time the woman in question is Mae West, who could pull off a power fox like few others. 1933’s I’m No Angel is considered one of her classic roles, and it serves up a couple of very classic fox outfits in addition to a variety of classic Mae West lines.

Mae stars as Tira, a circus performer who rises from circus obscurity to circus stardom as the lion tamer. Fortunately, the circus paid really well back in the ’30s, at least lion taming must-have. Now much better off, Tira climbs the social ladder, ditching her boyfriend and trading up to the New York social scene. After one of those wacky misunderstandings, she ends up suing would-be boyfriend Jack Clayton (Cary Grant), for “breach of promise.”

Tira arrives exceptionally well-dressed and ends up winning both the trial and her boyfriend back. The moral of the story is that all attractive women should wear fox to civil litigation.

I‘m No Angel – The Furs

Tira first meets Jack’s cousin Kent when he and some friends visit her after an evening of lion taming. One of them sports this rather lovely collar.

Actress in a White Fox Fur Trimmed Robe - I'm No Angel - 1933

Kent’s fiancée doesn’t particularly care for Tira’s newfound interest, and she drops by to dissuade Tira from pursuing Kent. Gertrude Michael, as Alicia Hutton, wears the fox-trimmed wrap in this scene, but Mae is in charge. The is a nice touch.

Gertrude Michael in a Fox Fur Trimmed Coat - I'm No Angel - 1933

The marquee fur is; next, this coat is trimmed with an enormous white fox collar and huge cuffs. Wisely we see it all when Miss West first enters, putting the entire coat on display. The combination collar / full fringe on the coat is perfect.

Mae West in a White Fox Fur Trimmed Coat - I'm No Angel - 1933

Closer shot, highlighting the sheer size of the white fox collar on the coat. Fashion is fickle, but why did this ever go out of style?

Mae West in a White Fox Fur Trimmed Coat - I'm No Angel - 1933

This shot is worth it just for Mae West’s expression alone. The white fox collar is the perfect frame.

Mae West in a White Fox Fur Trimmed Coat - I'm No Angel - 1933

In a brief interlude, Tira consults her lawyer before heading to trial against Jack. The muff and trim on the dress are just a prelude to the final act.

Mae West in a Silver Fox Fur Trimmed Dress and Muff - I'm No Angel - 1933

Finally, the trial is on in the penultimate sequence, and Tira takes over as her own counsel. She’s dressed in a cape with a colossal fox collar and matching muff. The trail sequence lasts a good 10 minutes, and she’s in this fur the entire time.

Mae West in a Fur Trimmed Cape and Muff - I'm No Angel - 1933

Close up of the collar because it’s definitely worth it.

Mae West in a Fur Trimmed Cape and Muff - I'm No Angel - 1933

Victorious, Tira plays to the press but realizes she loves Jack after all. Jack’s definitely the lucky one.

Mae West in a Fur Trimmed Cape and Muff - I'm No Angel - 1933

Were I to gripe, I’d say that gold fabric on the white fox was utterly unnecessary. Were it all white fox, it would undoubtedly be the same league as Irene Dunne’s white fox from The Awful Truth. Still, the collar and cuffs were spectacular enough as they are.

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