Furs on Film – Casino (1995)

Decided to cover an underground gem from the mid-90s that most people will be surprised to learn has a lot of fur fashion. Also decided to see how many readers could pick up on sarcasm. Yes, it’s Casino, the film that associated Sharon Stone with “chinchilla” in certain circles. It’s also the ‘90s, so it… Read More Furs on Film – Casino (1995)

Furs on Film – Star! (1968)

Julie Andrews in a musical? Box office gold, Jerry! Except when it’s not. Yes, we continue the fine tradition of flops with great fur fashion. The 1968 musical Star! landed three years after The Sound of Music with high studio expectations. Things did not go quite as well as hoped; as you may have noticed,… Read More Furs on Film – Star! (1968)

Furs on Film – Chicago (2002)

It’s a Saturday and a movie from 2002, so it’s probably a period piece. This one is a musical, which is generally regarded as a lot better than the last musical I covered. Chicago is set in the 1920s, and I suspect there’s a little “embellishment” in the costume department, but that works out well… Read More Furs on Film – Chicago (2002)

Furs on Film – Bluebeard (1972)

We return to what this blog is known for, reviewing fur fashion in terrible movies. This week, it is the later Richard Burton vehicle Bluebeard. Burton went from one of the most respected dramatic actors in Hollywood to closing out his career with a guest spot on The Fall Guy. This is also a period… Read More Furs on Film – Bluebeard (1972)

Furs on TV – Snow Queen (2002)

It’s almost Christmas, or it will be the week after this goes live. I may take that off, so here’s the best I can do for a Christmas update. The funny thing is Christmas movies may seem like something that would make fur more likely because they are nominally associated with cold weather. But, let… Read More Furs on TV – Snow Queen (2002)

Furs on Film – Respect (2021)

Time to play “how quickly can I get a copyright claim on Youtube” with the most recent film I have ever reviewed: Respect. Since it came out in 2021 and has real fur, you better believe it’s a period piece, just like everything else I have reviewed released after 2010. You’d think there was something… Read More Furs on Film – Respect (2021)

Furs on Film – The Gumshoe Kid (1990)

It’s VHS time! While I love the 80s, there is quite a bit of media from that time that is only available in postage stamp resolution by modern standards. So forgive the lower quality; AI upscaling can only do so much at this point. I hereby swear, should The Gumshoe Kid be released with a… Read More Furs on Film – The Gumshoe Kid (1990)

Furs on Film – The Shadow (1994)

How many of you remember the “before times?” You know, back before Marvel movies, when superhero movies kinda sucked? We return to this period with The Shadow, a superhero movie that kinda sucked. While the plot, pacing, acting, and overall cinematic quality may be subpar, we are here to honor the costume designer’s 100% faithfulness… Read More Furs on Film – The Shadow (1994)