Mamie Van Doren – Dyed Fox Wrap

Picturegoer Film Annual 1960-61

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Going all PG-13 on you this morning. This is Mamie Van Doren, whose career fell, sadly, in the 50’s and 60’s, thus depriving her of a lot of opportunities for nice furs on screen. Even more disappointing as she was a member of the “blonde bombshell” club, and as we can see here, nothing accents a bombshell better than fox.

She does wear a small white fox in Teacher’s Pet, I believe. That’s the extent of what I can remember.

Fortunately cheesecake fills in where films disappoint. You may notice how the pose subtly accents her legs…

I will pick on the dye, not because I don’t like , I love it, I’d just have gone for something in the pink/red/purple end of the color spectrum.

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